The conference will focus on architecture, design, IP, verification, implementation, test, reliability and safety in so‑ware, hardware and systems aspects of the following technology/product areas and their adjacencies. Papers, tutorials and project demos are being sought in each of these areas.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Big Data
  • AR/VR technologies
  • Location-based technologies/navigation products
  • Computing - Hyperscale, Cloud, Cognitive, Mobile, Edge, Quantum, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Communication - Wireless, Networking & Network management, Mobile devices, 5G, Industrial 2.0, Connectivity and any other emerging trends
  • IOT - Industrial, Medical & Digital Healthcare, Wearables, Smart cities, Security, Industrial 2.0, Sensors
  • Multimedia User Experience - Camera, Display, Video, Voice, Gaming and Music
  • Automotive - Radar, ADAS, Safety, Battery Management, Electrification ,Cabin Infotainment, Connectivity, Human Machine Interface, Vehicle to everything, Vehicle Analytics and other emerging trends
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Digital solution for social good
  • Green Technology/Net Zero
  • Robotics
  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Security and Privacy : Cyber Security, Cryptography, Hardware and So‑ware Trusted Management and other emerging trends